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I read a lot of other people’s personal stories online and I am left wondering at the wickedness that surrounds the world, story of that of a lady that was gang raped, others are completely boxed into a corner now all they can see or feel is the end of their lives on earth, some admittedly are truly in a very sad situation, even reading their stories takes courage, some just feel so lonely and cannot believe that things will ever be fine, some are feeling so completely deflated and some actually feel they have disappointed their families and the list goes on.
Life has very lovely and memorable times and those times do fill our lives with so much laughter, joy, excitement, it is always a time of giving back. Everyone laughing, playing, singing along to the same song, flip the coin and someone else is faced with war, experiencing pain, disillusionment, rape (some were ganged raped, others are being continuously raped) anger, hopelessness, disappointment, and grief (loss of very dear family members, who were killed unexpectedly, died suddenly), some have terminal illnesses and are in so much pain, whatever the situation might be – stop do not kill yourself.
The world can truly have two sides, some are born completely protected, others are born exposed to all the negativity that life can throw from its belly at them, so they feel all the wickedness that results from that exposure. The tough situation can also affect you indirectly even if you are not going through something terrible - When we happened to know someone going through severe pain because of what they are passing or have passed through, we sometimes feel guilty for our happiness, for example, a mother started nursing suicidal thoughts when her ex-husband killed their two children he picked up after school. She just feels she should never be happy again. when you watched someone die in your neighbourhood out of neglect this can make you feel as if you should die too.
Whatever the case is today I am writing to that person who is thinking of committing suicide and I am saying that there are two voices right inside you, feed the good and let the bad rot. Allow yourself to heal, accept forgiveness and open a new chapter.

How to Open a New Chapter
The essence of writing this piece is that wherever you are, or you find yourself today, could it be that you are in prison, could it be alone in the dark, is something urging you to take your life or a voice insisting that you are not good enough or you are of no use – please do not listen – Open A New Chapter in your Book, It is your unique Life story that you are writing about and it’s not fiction, you are the author of your story and it is a best seller; the entire world is waiting for you to manifested life's superiorities.
You see life is in chapters, just as the Sun rotates around the earth to give it light, so also, you see light as the Sun shines. it is not shining the light to every part of the earth at the same time. I will like to believe that now you are seeing, writing or reading a very dark page in your life’s book, but tomorrow the chapter will be so beautiful because you are the one writing the book - the light will shine for you, the sun is rotating to your side of the world - figuratively, if you know what I mean.
7 thoughts on Opening a New Chapter.

1.Learn to Pray and Meditate always – there is a God in heaven who listens and answer prayers – never give up, He is working out something for you. Draw strength from praying, be full of courage, go on to fulfill your one of a kind destiny.
2. Join a group – there are so many groups out there seeking to assist you – did not list any group because you might be reading this in any part of the globe, so find out what is available and please be humble enough to go join them.
3. Speak up – as you do, you drown the voice of that wicked spirit trying to get you to end your life - talk back - say I will not die but live to declare the glory of God and do great things.
4. Big Goal - Have a goal that is so big that It will keep you awake at night dreaming, and motivated enough during the day to give your best at work.
5. Feel dignified – never lose your self-respect, do not try to escape reality by using drugs. Someone rightly said that today is the first day of the rest of your life.
6. Give Back or Mentor Others – Teach others and influence others positively, Give hope to others.
7. Arise Shine – Isaiah 60:1 – means that you should get up and make a move, the universe is open to you.
You might be thinking right now that “do I believe that it is that easy to live on by just opening a new chapter?” Please go easy on yourself and allow what you have read be your help and rise from this point to do notable things with your life. Whatever things are true, lovely and powerful think about these things. And if you think you have gotten to the end of the first book, start another book right away.

Thank you for reading, you can share your experience in the comment session and let us discuss.

 The design2care team.

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