Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Unbelievable Her Grandmother is Her Flower Girl.

When I was planning my wedding, I knew exactly who I wanted to be my flower girl. I love my younger cousins, but I chose a woman who has been married for over 50 years, raised four kids, and cared for 11 grandkids and eight great-grandkids­. I chose Margie Miller, my grandmother.

What a legacy Maw Maw has given us. She’s a one-of-a-kind, special edition woman who can sew, cook, clean, garden, farm, feed chickens, chase children, and smile at the same time. I wanted that strong, faithful woman to lead me down the aisle at my wedding.

She didn’t believe me when I asked her to be my flower girl! My husband-to-be, Chris, loves his grandparents as much as I love mine, so I asked his granny, Patsy Chatham, to be a flower girl, too.

We didn’t tell the guests about our surprise. When Maw Maw and Granny came down the aisle tossing petals, they shocked a lot of people. But I think everyone fell in love with them. How could they not? Margie and Patsy were so cute as flower girls.

Of course, our wedding wasn’t a typical one. The bridal party was small—in addition to the flower girls, my aunt was the matron of honour and Chris’ father was the best man.

The Way This Couple Incorporated All Their Loved Ones in Their Wedding Is So Beautiful The ceremony was held outdoors, and our friends supplied the music.

After the ceremony, we released 'I do' balloons and danced down the aisle to the song 'Good Day for Marrying You.' After enjoying tons of candy and southern food, Chris and I rode away on a bicycle built for two as guests held sparklers.

It was all great fun, but what made our wedding special was the people who helped make Chris and me who we are. When my brother and I were kids, we hung out with our grandparents while our parents worked. Maw Maw let me cook with her and taught me how to play the piano. We went camping and talked for hours. And she was there for me when I was diagnosed with childhood cancer at age 12.

Today, we are still close. Maw Maw and I live about 15 minutes from each other and love to go antique shopping and exploring our home state of Mississippi.
Growing up, it’s easy to idolize the adults you love. They are bigger than life, stronger than nails and tougher than any car on the market. However, you slowly see that the house you once thought was so big is actually smaller than you remembered, and the hand that gripped yours in support, though still strong, is becoming arthritic.

The family is the most important thing, and I was so pleased to have them by my side at our wedding. But I’m even more pleased that I have them every day after.

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