Sunday, 14 January 2018

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry - The Love Story To Eternity.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will tie the knot in four months’ time, but fans are curious what the couple does when they’re not planning for their big day or when they’re not attending public engagements.
The Daily Mail revealed that the couple’s daytime routine consists of dining out at Markle’s favorite Italian restaurant, Soho, in London. During their sightings, Markle and Prince Harry were spotted ordering salad, truffle radish and more.
At times, Markle and Prince Harry also head to Dean Street Townhouse, a Georgian-style venue owned by the Soho House group. The publication noted that the couple has VIP access to the restaurant, and that’s also where they had their first date in London over a year ago.
Other than dining at their favorite restaurant, Markle and Prince Harry also exercise regularly. Markle swears by yoga, and Prince Harry has been spotted jogging outdoors multiple times in the past two months.
But the publication also revealed that Markle runs six-mile circuits around Kensington Gardens twice or thrice a week. Most recently, she went running at the Kensington Palace Green, where onlookers cannot see her because of a newly-installed screen of hedgerow.
Every now and then, Markle also goes out to get skin and hair treatment from her favorite salons in London. Skinesis Clinic owner Sarah Chapman takes care of Markle’s skin, while Sherrille Riley of Nails & Brows gives Markle regular manicure and pedicure. Riley is also responsible for the former actress’ “Audrey Brow.”
For more intensive treatments, Markle goes to Nicolas Joss in Covent Garden. She was last seen at the salon in May of last year.
Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Markle previously told BBC News that they also love to stay home. The prince even proposed to Markle while she was cooking roast chicken for their supper.
Markle and Prince Harry also invite some of their friends over at his home in Nottingham Cottage. They also visit their friends’ houses in West London twice a week.

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