Saturday, 13 January 2018

See Snake Tapping on a Man's Window in Australia.

I’m sure Australia is a beautiful place but every time I read something out of the land down under it seems like nature is trying to kill everybody that lives there. According to The Telegraph there’s always something out to get you whether it’s spiders, sharks, or snakes.
Flag of Australia.

A man driving down the road in Southeast Australia was surprised by an eight-foot black snake just outside his window. And the snake just wasn’t sitting out there chilling’, he was tapping on the window like, “Bro, let me in!”
Ted Ogier was in his delivery truck for Nolan's Auto Parts near the town of Eden outside of Sydney.  As he drove down the road a big black snake came out from under the car’s hood, wrapped itself around the driver’s side mirror and then made its way to his window and started tapping. I don’t know about you folks, but if I see a snake on my driver’s side window there will be no calm, casual reaction. I’m talking J-turns at speed and screaming, shrieking donuts until that bad boy is whipped off.

Ogier was much calmer, “It was sort of tapping on the window a couple of times, because it obviously wanted to get in. It had come out from under the engine bay under the bonnet, it was probably a bit warm there.” He also added that having a snake outside the window isn’t as terrifying as having a big hairy spider inside the car. “Not as frightening as getting a spider on the inside – spiders are one thing I don’t like, but I don’t like snakes either,” he said to ABC News.

Ogier ended up calling up a work buddy to come over and use a broom to guide the snake off the car and into some nearby bushes. Further proof that people are very tough in Australia and are used to seeing what others might consider as dangerous animals as pets. Kudos to you all. - Post first appeared on MSN.Com.

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